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Work in progress

Ceramics, glass and found materials│2018


My idea started from discarded found objects.

I want to work with waste (such as building materials, iron, etc.) to revalue.
Is waste worthless? What can I do with waste? Searching for materials to play with, such as an unrestrained dissolute child in me.

Can materiality be something tangible? May other people also intervene,
just as others or events also have an impact on our lives?

Bringing people together and allowing them to participate interactively.
How can I challenge others to come into contact with this or even to play with it? What do we do on intuition? What does our toys say about us? 

"Toys are not really as innocent as they look.

Toys and games are the preludes to serious ideas."
Charles Eames

Boris Groys has a theory that there are two different types of question.
One is: "What is the diameter of the earth?" and you immediatly begin thinking, "Oh yes, we learned that in school." The second question is: "Why is the earth not a cube?" and you immediately begin wondering about the person who asked the question. Many of our questions go more in the latter direction.

Peter Fischli

The game is a way for children to give events a place, to process things, to enjoy life. Children are fully involved in their game. On the basis of the game the inner comes out.

Why should everything always be 'serious'?
And is everything serious?
Are not we all children who do something?
Are not we all looking for ways to process things?
How do we express our experiences?

The game as a basis, back to the past, ...
I want to return to the infantile
Back to the rudely
Back to the ignorant
Back to simplicity
Back to essence
Back to the beginning
Back to nowhere
Not to the end ...
What is the end?
Is there an end?

And if there is an end, what must it be?
Is there an end?

Or is life a vicious circle?
Are we first playful, then mature, to become playful again? 

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