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Kellie Lippens (°1998 BE) investigates the boundary between control and serendipity, daring to leave the safe road is a challenge within her artistic work. During the work process she always looks with new, different eyes, which creates a personal experience that she sees as a journey of discovery and dialogue between herself and her work.

The focus on materiality is strong, she also uses natural clay that she digs up herself, along with self-blown glass and found materials. By letting go of the pursuit of perfection, she gives coincidence a chance, it challenges both herself and the viewer to engage in a different way of thinking, acting and reacting. She is fascinated by the complexity and certain simplicity of nature.

Kellie's work is essentially a multidisciplinary endeavor that presents a series of material and visual aporias, these paradoxes permit the coexistence of frailty and resistance, rest and tension, geometric order and random chaos.


2018 ‘Permacultuurfestival en ecodag’, culture en nature event, Het Voedselbos, Nokere

2018 ‘Out of The Studio #3’ experimental group exhibition at SANTO, Ghent

2018 ‘Picture of the week’, LUCA School Of Arts, Ghent

2018 Participant of the sticker book visual arts

2017 ‘Walk with us…’ collaboration with Evie Ellen Lippens exhibition at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Ghent

2017 ‘In graden celcius gekneed’, group exhibition at the LUCA school library, Ghent


2018 IDEM 22 (International Design Education Meeting)

2018 Ceramics designer for the film ‘A sombra do desejo’ (The shadow of desire)
directed by Evie Ellen Lippens and Lore Mechelaere

2018 ‘Voyeurism’ mixed media installation/performance
collaboration with Aurélie Adriaen, Liselot De Canck, Nathan Devuyst, Sophie Bergé, Zeno Spyropoulos


2016 - until present LUCA School Of Arts Ghent first and second bachelor in Fine Arts with specialism in ceramics and glass

2018 Fablab EKWC, digital workspace workshop

2012-2016 Kunsthumaniora Sint-Lucas Ghent Fine Arts Department (including sculpture, printing, drawing, painting)


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